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HSCC achieves healthy turnover growth of 92% to Rs 1,106 cr in FY16

Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation (India) Ltd is the country’s premier PSE consultancy under the administrative control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Established in 1983, HSCC has rendered a wide range of consultancy services in healthcare and allied sectors. A significant part of HSCC’s activities is devoted to designing and setting up new hospitals and medical colleges, teaching institutions, rehabilitation and upgradation of existing institutions. HSCC is also a pioneer in providing comprehensive consultancy for setting up of biosafety level laboratories. In an exclusive interview with Dhirendra Kumar, HSCC CMD Gyanesh Pandey pointed out that the PSU declared a dividend of 683 per cent to the Govt for 2015-16. 

Tell us about HSCC’s performance in the recent past?

The latest result of HSCC shows that a government-run PSU can also perform better than private companies, as government run PSUs are often leveled as low performers in comparison to private players. The outstanding result of HSSC would set an example for others too as we have achieved efficiency of over 200 per cent. 

During Financial Year 2015-16, the total income has achieved at Rs 1,106.98 crore as compared to corresponding Rs 575.77 crore in the previous year posting 92.26 per cent growth. Similarly, the company earned consultancy fees of Rs 97.98 crore as compared to 42.28 crore for previous year resulting 131.28 per cent growth, which is much beyond the average service sector growth in India. 

HSCC posted pre-tax profit of Rs 86.87 crore as against Rs 37.95 crore during previous year, which is 128.94 per cent growth in pre-tax profits for the year 2015-16 and earned net profit of Rs 54.62 crore as compared to Rs 24.54 crore earned in previous year by posting 122.58 per cent growth. 

It’s the outcome of better implementation of projects and planning that HSCC has achieved excellent results for the year 2015-16.

How will you take this achievement forward? 

Every project boosts our growth. The HSCC is growing only because of its fast and timely delivery of projects. We have completed several projects, which were supposed to be completed in one-year, in just 9-months and with the quality. 

People have noticed that and they have come to us and given us more work. In fact, at one point of time, we were thinking that we may not be able to cope up with the works coming into HSCC.

Tell us about key projects of HSCC? 

HSCC is an executing agency for construction of 3 new AIIMS at Guntur, Kalyani & Nagpur at the total project value is of Rs 4,949 crore.  Also, the HSCC is appointed as an executing agency for Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana, Phase III work for 19 locations across the country.  Other works secured by HSCC in this financial year include 100 intake medical college attached to district hospital at Nahan, Hamirpur and Chamba, 100 intakes medical college at Pali in Rajasthan, hospital block for pathology, microbiology, radiotherapy and dermatology at the premises of Victoria Hospital, Bangalore and redevelopment of LHMC, Safdarjung & RML Hospital and several others in pipeline.

What helps you in completing the projects in shorter time?

The better planning and usage of technology always help us in timely execution of the project. We have inducted new generation engineers from IITs and NITs. The varieties of engineers that we have recruited are proving a real asset for us. After training them for 2-3 years, now they are handling our projects independently. 

They are fast and much technology savvy as well as more innovative and faster. So with the help of new young generation engineers and technical staffs, we are achieving much more efficiency than earlier. 

It has also helped us in reducing expenditure in comparison to the income that we are getting as we are achieving the target on almost the same strength of staff by their proper deployment.

How has HSCC updated itself in new technology?

Our strength is manpower and their brains instead of tools, machinery and their experience and skill that they get here, in this company. We are also developing IT infrastructure in the public hospitals right from primary healthcare centers, district health centers to tertiary care centers that will help in reducing and rationalising  the waiting period as it has been noticed that in some hospitals, the waitlist for operation is 6 months, while in some hospitals, the waiting period is of only few days. 

The initiative to bring all hospitals on IT platform would help patients in finding the details online and book an appointment for a convenient date.
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