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How not to be an unhealthy cubicle creature

How not to be an unhealthy cubicle creature
In the daily rat race, people  forget that their working style affects their body and mind. Most office-goers are avid laptop users and are at their desks for long hours. They fail to take care of their body, their eyes, food habits and especially their mental health. In such cases, the body and the mind deteriorates and health suffers.

Fitness experts say that short breaks are very essential during long office hours. Prashant Talwalkar, MD and CEO of Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd says, ‘Long hours at work and deadlines all take a toll on the employees. Regular exercise is the best stress-busting technique. When we exercise body releases endorphins, hormones that fight stress. Also develop a habit which makes you feel happy and elevates your mood,’ he said.

Many people have bad habit of eating unhealthy food during office hours. Dr Meghna Joseph, in-charge of physiotherapist Dept at Kohinoor Hospital, Mumbai said, ‘Eating healthy leads to a sense of well being. It helps to keep diseases at bay. The first step towards healthy eating is to avoid junk food like pizzas, pastas, vada pav in your daily routine. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and switch to whole grains like wheat,’ she said.

Tobacco consumption should be avoided. Diet should be rich in calcium, proteins and dairy products like milk, curd, cheese and nuts should be consumed. One can incorporate salads with nuts, beans and veggies, high in fiber and protein. Try to have meals at regular time and never skip meals, recommends experts.

While working in office for long, people suffer from backaches and their eyes get strained. To get rid of backaches, take an exercise break every hour.  Stand up, move around, stretch, swing your arms and exercise those muscles that become stiff from sitting in one position.

According to yoga guru Suneel Singh, one should do some lower back exercises in the office that help cure lower back ailments and reduce fat and strengthen it. All exercises aside, there should ideally be a minimum gap of 3 hours between lunch and exercise.

Dr Vishal Nigam, consultant, Moolchand Orthopaedics Hospital, says, following some simple steps can help in getting rid of problems faced on a desk job, like using earphones while talking on phone, walking to the next cubicle to deliver messages rather than e-mailing it, taking a deep breath  in short breaks, rotating your shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise and lifting them up and down while sitting at desk in the office. Maintaining a good diet is one easy way to be healthy at despite long work hours.
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