How about some water conservation?

How about some water conservation?
From cracking jokes to business deals, we Indians love talking, and we talk about everything under the sun. Let’s for a change today talk about something as important as life itself - Water. Should we care? We must, each one of us, says Vivek Mishra MD/Technical Head Premium Pools.

When so much is happening around us, don’t you think it’s time we as individuals contribute in our own capacities before we actually reach a stage when we would either be fighting or paying for water as a luxury item.

Water conservation has had negative connotations for many people because it unintentionally implies hardship and inconvenience associated with it. However, conserving water is not simply a matter of using less water through restrictions. It is about careful management of water supply sources, use of water saving technologies, reduction of excessive demand and many other actions. Water conservation is the responsibility of both water users and suppliers.

With pools, the only way to ensure happiness is by taking care of durability, comfort and long term cost benefits. This can only be done by choosing the right builder at the onset.
Hardly people in India realise that ideally a pool should never be emptied.

In a pool with proper filtration and plumbing, water is changed only a couple of years.  In Indian climate conditions one can consider emptying the pool to harvest rain water. Given that they are built right, pools can help. But a bad pool can leave you helpless.



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