Housing: Doon student’s unique initiative

Housing: Doon student’s unique initiative
Jayadityavir Singh, a student of The Doon School, Chand Bagh, Dehra Dun has come up with an initiative which uses plastic bottles filled with mud and other wastes instead of bricks for the construction of homes. Titled-Project Plastech, the main focus is to cut down costs of construction in which bricks is an integral part.

“In this initiative we fill plastic bottles with any form of sand or waste and then we use these bottles as substitutes for bricks,” said Jayadityavir Singh.

He reveals that Plastech is an initiative that aims at working towards providing sustainable cost-effective housing from a completely different perspective. This initiative places emphasis on the use of plastic bottles as substitutes for bricks, thereby cutting down total costs by a significant amount. 

It started for the sole purpose of providing housing cheaply for the underprivileged and the needy. The economic aspect as well as the relative cost cuts serve as great pluses from which this initiative can appeal to the masses. 

He reveals the level of skepticism he had to face regarding this project, he said: “Yes, we tend to have a large amount of skeptics when we describe our technology, but as you continue to read and see our various projects, it will be clear that we, indeed, know what we’re talking about. This initiative has several other advantages, the use of plastic bottles mean there will be a significant reduction of bricks being baked, minimising the carbon dioxide emissions.”

A great problem faced by farmers and agriculturists in our country today is the lack of top soil cover in states to provide adequate incomes for farmers and people related with agriculture in India as a whole. 

This is primarily due to majority of farmers selling off top soil to brick kilns. These kilns require top clay soil in order to bake bricks, but this has adverse affects on the  yieldsof the land.

It tends to amplify into butterfly effect hampering the productivity per hectare of farmers all around the country and obviously pushes the productivity of the country backward in terms of yields per hectare.


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