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Hosni Mubarak refuses food, medicines

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has declined food and medicine since being taken to a prison after a court sentenced him to life behind bars for his role in the death of protestors last year.

In Cairo's Tora prison, Mubarak's mood has been bad ‘to the point of not even responding to those who greet him’, said the el-Fagr newspaper.

Ever since the trial began in August, the 84-year-old Mubarak was detained in the International Medical Center, a facility run by the military near Cairo.

Mubarak and his former security chief Habib al-Adly were both convicted for the killings of around 900 protestors. They received life sentences.

Once the helicopter transporting Mubarak arrived at Tora prison, the ousted leader refused to leave the aircraft.

Security officials said he ‘suffered from a surprise health crisis’ before they finally convinced him to go into the prison.

Mubarak was president for almost 30 years. He stepped down in February 2011 amid mass nationwide protests.
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