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Holmes is back to unlock new mystries

Holmes is back to unlock new mystries
AXN India announced the première of the new season of the much awaited and hugely popular BBC crime drama, Sherlock on Friday. This season will see a reunion, a marriage and a new villain. But the most anticipated question that this season will answer for the fans of Sherlock will be his mysterious end in the last season. 

The second season ended with Sherlock jumping off the building and the viewers are now eagerly waiting to know what happened. Now that we know he survived, the most compelling questions is how? The first episode of this season provides a lot of alternate theories related to the fake death conundrum but the actual answer has not been revealed yet.  This episode has brought a lot of delightful surprises for the viewers and one of them includes John Watson’s moustache and his new live-in partner Mary Morstan who is interestingly Martin Freeman’s real life partner, Amanda Abbington. 

The episode also has Benedict Cumberbatch’s actual parents in a cameo who play Sherlock Holmes’ mother and father in a scene. Molly’s fiancé is also an interesting feature of the episode who incidentally looks a little and dresses exactly like Sherlock. Don’t forget to watch the riveting episodes of Sherlock and get to know the answer to the most sought-after question of Sherlock’s escape from death, exclusively on AXN at 10 pm.
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