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Hobbastank gives the Capital The Reason to jam

Hobbastank gives the Capital The Reason to jam
Still known for their hit track The Reason, Hoobastank were in the Capital jamming it up at Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday. Millennium Post caught up with Doug Robb before the event. Read on...

You started like almost 20 years ago. Over this period of time, how has the band evolved? How would you see each one of you as a performer, as a singer or as a writer?
Well we’ve probably changed as people over the last 20 years as much as anyone would. 20 years is a long time and people grow. We still, at our core, are the same kids that started back in 1994 just playing music for fun. We’re just twice as old now. I think we’ve all become so much better at what we do individually over the last 20 years. How could you not really?

What does Hoobastank means?
If you’re asking what the word ‘hoobastank’ means other than the band then the answer is nothing. We made the word up long ago in high school. If we would have known back then that 20 years later it would still be a topic of conversation we might have chosen a ‘cooler’ sounding name. 

You guys are back after so long (The Reason 2004)-what has kept you guys off the scene for so long?
Well we’ve been very busy since The Reason album was released. We toured behind that album for almost two years. We released two more full length albums under Island Def Jam, Every Man For Himself and Fornever and toured the world extensively on both of those albums. Then we released Fight or Flight, our 5th album, under a new label Open E Entertainment and we’ve been busy touring behind it as well. 

How would you rate India’s sense of rock music?
I don’t know much about India’s sense of Rock music. I’m just glad we get to play there again. The first show was great. I’m hoping these will be high energy and lots of fun. I’ll have a better India of India’s sense of rock music after these shows. 

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