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Hit-and-run: City police yet to arrest Sohrab

 M Post Bureau |  2016-01-23 00:27:43.0  |  Kolkata

Despite having the warrant, city police are yet to arrest former RJD MLA Md Sohrab, whose son was arrested in connection with the hit-and-run case in which an officer of the Indian Air Force was killed.

Sources said teams comprising police officers of the Special Investigation Team conducted raids at various places in search of Sohrab. Many people were interrogated on Friday in this connection but no one could provide any information which may help police to locate Sohrab.      

Police suspect that Sohrab and his elder son Ambia is hiding at the same place in a neighbouring state. Teams comprising police officers have also been sent there. 

Acting on tip-offs, raids were conducted at various places of the state. Sources said Sohrab was staying in those places where raids have been conducted. He left the places before police could reach there. 

Meanwhile, Sohrab’s younger son Shambia has been interrogated once again on Friday. His friends Johny and Shanu were also questioned. 

M Post Bureau

M Post Bureau

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