Hindi film to be made on life of Kshudiram Bose

Hindi film to be made on life of Kshudiram Bose
Over a century after he was hanged, a Bollywood film is coming up to pay homage to freedom fighter Kshudiram Bose.

The film is the first of its kind on the life of Bose.

Bose was 18 years, 8 months and 8 days old when he was executed on August 11, 1908.

The script writer of the film entitled “Mein Kshudiram Bose Hoon” Dhiraj Misra visited Midnapore town and then went to Habibpur where he was born. A gymnasium and a collegiate school have been set up after his name. Kaniska Jain will act as Kshudiram. Rituparna Sengupta will play the role of Aparupa, Bose’s sister. Manoj Jaiswal will play the role of Kingsford. The film will be directed by Bhanu Prakash Jha.

Bose’s fascinating life and courage had inspired the revolutionaries of Bengal. He along with Prafulla Chaki was assigned to kill Kingsford, the magistrate of Muzaffarpur. Earlier he was posted as the Chief Magistrate of Calcutta Presidency. Bose using the pseudo name Haren Sarkar and along with his friend Prafulla stayed at a dharmasala. They observed the movement of Kingsford for some days. On April 30 Kshudiram hurled a bomb at Kingsford’s carriage which was coming out of the European Club. The carriage blew off killing the wife of Pringle Kennedy, a well known barrister.

A manhunt for them began and Kshudiram was arrested. Prafulla was also caught and was lynched. Many historians believe that he was killed by the British police and subsequently beheaded. 
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