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‘Higher education in India simply not up to mark’

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while addressing conference of Vice Chancellors of Central Universities on Tuesday came down heavily on Higher Educational institutions in the country saying that none of them are 'simply not up to the mark'  and 'sadly not one Indian university figures in the top 200 Universities of the world.'

'Improving quality and fostering excellence in our institutions of higher education is a critical challenge that we must collectively address,' said Singh. He also mentioned that  the government will work to remove imbalances and streamline equity-related schemes in higher education.

'We will keep in view concerns for equity. We will work to remove imbalances across states, across regions and across sections of society. We will streamline our equity-related schemes in higher education, target them better and provide them with increased budgetary support,' he added.

Asserting that he expected central universities to be quality-leading institutions, the prime minister said,'We envisage a very important role for central universities in setting standards for higher education. We expect them to become role models and contribute to strengthening other institutions of higher learning in their vicinity.' The PM said the educational landscape of India had been transformed beyond recognition and that 'this transformation has touched all levels and types of education - primary, secondary, higher, vocational and skill development.'

'I believe our govt has given education its due. We have expanded access to education as never before. We have increased investment in education as never before. The share of education in the total outlay went up from 6.7 pc in the 10th Five Year Plan to 19.4 percent in the 11th Five Year Plan,' he added.

Listing the govt's achievements in education, he said, 'Our government established 51 institutions during the 11th Five Year Plan, the highest for any plan period. These include central universities, Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs).'
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