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High-tech 18 X-ray scanners to guard India-Africa meet

High-tech 18 X-ray scanners to guard India-Africa meet
The Delhi police are making fool-proof security arrangements for the India-Africa Summit to be held at the IGI Stadium in the national Capital from October 23 to 30. The police will install 18 X-ray baggage scanners during the event. These machines will be equipped with threat image projection (TIP) system.
Delegates from over 50 countries from Africa and around 40 heads of state/ government are likely to attend the Summit.

The X-rays machines will have features of multi-energy imaging facility (140 KeV approx), where materials of different atomic number will be displayed in different colours, which will help security personnel distinguish between high-density organic and inorganic materials, including explosives.
Facility for variable contrast will be incorporated, which will enhance the lighter and darker portion of an image. An alarm (both audio and visual) will be <g data-gr-id="100">generated,</g> if the machine fails to identify an item.
Also, TIP software facility will be incorporated in the  machines to assist supervisors in testing the alertness of the operator and help people viewing the X-ray images improve their ability in identifying threat objects. 

Each operator’s action will be recorded in the hard disc of the computer for the audit purpose by the supervisor or other authorised persons. The machines will be equipped to recall 15-20 previous images and archive 3,000-4,000 images.

The software will be compatible with other X-ray technologies such as automatic reject unit, dual X-ray screen technologies, automatic threat recognition system, etc. All X-ray image functions will be available at the same time along with the TIP.

The TIP facility will have an image library, consisting details of 100 explosive devices, 100 knives and 100 firearms in various shapes and sizes, locations and orientations. Although these will be assigned different file names and reference.  All threat image <g data-gr-id="58">protection</g> images will be realistic – representative and <g data-gr-id="57">non distinguishable</g> from real threat items. 

However, the system will have the facility to expand the library to incorporate additional images.

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