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High on haze: Air pollution to be blamed for eye disorders

High on haze: Air pollution to be blamed for eye disorders
This has had serious fallouts on the general health of Delhiites with a sudden rise in eye disorders like allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome and excessive irritation.

Air pollution besides taking a toll on our respiratory system is also affecting the eyes. According to doctors, due to increase in level of air pollution, the number of patients suffering from eye problems have increased by 20-30 per cent over the past three years.

‘Allergies, allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye syndromes, redness and irritation and such problems have increased manifold. More exposure to UV rays and polluted air along with unhealthy lifestyle have caused a spurge in eye problems,’ said Namrata Sharma, Additional Professor of Ophthalmology Cornea, Refractive and Glaucoma Science, AIIMS.

‘Any foreign body or dust practice which enters our eyes can cause infection. Due to increase of such particles in the air, people affected by related infection have also increased. Along with this, people are suffering more from eye dryness,’ said Sharma.

Ropy discharge, watery eyes and increased eye tiredness are other problems due to increased level of air pollution.

‘Bad environment and spending more hours in front of computer screens have increased tiredness of eyes. Sometimes, because of watery eyes, vision also becomes blur. People are caught in a vicious cycle of inflammation and dry eyes. If not treated on time, it has risk for permanent cornea damage,’ said Harbansh Lal, senior consultant, ophthalmology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

‘It has also been observed that women are more prone to eye infections than men. Women above the age of 45 years are most prone to such infections. Due to hormonal changes, the risk increases for them,’ said Harbansh Lal.

Taking preventive measures such as wearing sunglasses, washing eyes regularly can help to a certain extent.

‘Avoid direct splashing of water to open eyes, frequent use of lubricating eye drops, wearing sunglasses outdoors can help prevent infections,’ said Lal.
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