HIDCO to lay cycling tracks in Action Area I soon

HIDCO to lay cycling tracks in Action Area I soon
The West Bengal Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) will lay tracks for bicycling in Action Area I soon. A tender in this regard has been floated and once the firm is selected a special track for the cyclists will be constructed, Debashis Sen, chairman of HIDCO said the experts from IIT Kharagpur had submitted the DPR.

In the second phase cycle sharing will be introduced where a person could hire a cycle, visit the destination and then can deposit the cycle at a stipulated place after paying a rent. The rent structure is being worked out.

Cycling is not only for commutation but it is also a major stress releaser and heart specialists prescribe running and cycling for those suffering from obesity and hypertension.

Cycling is supported globally and like other metros including, Banglaore and Hyderabad, the trend is 
picking up in Kolkata very fast.  Every Sunday morning, 60-70 cyclists assemble at Eco park in New Town and practice long distance cycling. Most of the participants are from the IT sector. 

Nishant Maheshwari who organises the long distance cycling meet where a cyclist has to cover 200km in 13.5 hours, 300 km in 20 hours and 400km in 27 hours said the sport was becoming very popular now and more cyclists would join once graded track was made for them. Sen said cycle sharing would be popular in New Town particularly among students who would not have to wait for public transport to go to their school.

Moreover, many people who come for work in New Town can avail the sharing facility and go to 
their destination and after finishing their work can return the cycle. The modalities are being worked out and once everything is finalised the scheme will be introduced in Action area I and then will be implemented in other areas.

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