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HIDCO to launch digital wallet service in New Town

Now you can spend a quality time in New Town without a wallet! A reputed digital wallet company has joined hands with WBHIDCO (West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation limited) to give cash-free service in every step.

The HIDCO board has approved the proposal and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Noida based company who runs their business across the nation. The leading digital wallet service provider will ensure paying money to the doorstep of Eco Park, Mother’s Wax Museum, Nazul Tirtha or Café Ekante.

“This will eliminate the problem of change, issues of dealing with cash (accounting and safe transport everyday to banks) and will be convenient. This is part of a larger architecture of encouraging Indian citizens to reduce dependence on cash,” said Debashis Sen, WBHIDCO Chairman.

However, the company has ensured to give away some exciting offers to the visitors who will use their services. “People often use credit or debit cards to pay without cash. Now they do not even have to carry those cards in New Town. Only a smart phone can pay money via digi-wallet,” said Rabin Roy, a New Town resident.

However, the New Town authority is thinking of introducing the digital wallet facility in almost every activity. It will not be restricted to the amusement sectors, but also can be used for paying taxes, rents or electricity bill.

Meanwhile, the WBHIDCO board held a long meeting seeking information on Smart Poles.

“The matter was taken up to me by the WBHIDCO electrical wing. I thought that we should explore the idea of using smart poles for these LED street lights where we can install CCTV, Wi-Fi, traffic sensors, air pollution monitoring, motion detecting energy savers, distress buttons for emergencies, road information displays, and even mobile phone towers,” said Sen.

The same electrical pole for illuminating street lights had been earlier introduced in Bhopal, Navi Mumbai and some other cities abroad. Every participant was advised to give concrete suggestions within a week on how to take this forward in New Town.

The WBHIDCO will hold a meeting with traffic police on Friday afternoon to further refine these ideas so that we can use the electric street poles to make the streets more safe and secure using technology and smart policing.

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