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He’s not a jolly good fellow!

Looks like the BJP’s forsaken warhorse is trying to obtain a backchannel entry into the political theatre, that too by doing hysterical antics and giving a free-for-all show at the expense of his own party’s prospects in the assembly and general elections. Vijay Jolly, in a bid to vent out his visibly hurt sentiments vis-à-vis his own party and beat the hot iron rod of the Tehelka sex abuse scandal, resorted to the lowest possible theatrics to regain entry into the political fray. His vandalising of Shoma Chaudhury’s property, the just-resigned managing editor at Tehelka, and writing ‘accused’ with black paint on her name plate, stinks of utterly despicable a strategy aimed at both striking at the ascendant stars of Harsh Vardhan, BJP’s Delhi CM candidate as well as engineering a hideous gameplan to not fall off the amnesiac political horizon. However, much to Jolly’s discredit, his unbelievably puerile behaviour has only managed to dent BJP’s prospects in the assembly election, and has hardly made a debilitating comment on the state of affairs a la Tehelka. There’s nothing remotely commendable in Jolly’s farcical shouting at and hounding of Shoma Chaudhury. All Jolly wanted to do  was score brownie points at the expense of Chaudhury and her much-criticised stance on the rape accused Tarun Tejpal.

Naturally, the BJP would do well in reining in the undisciplined elements within the party. First it was Vijay Goel, who had made his resentment public when he was denied the CM nomination. Now, Jolly’s unceremonious damaging of Chaudhury’s property could drive in another nail in the proverbial coffin, despite the good influence of both Harsh Vardhan and Narendra Modi on the party morale, cadres and voter mindset. The risible and self-righteous indignation that Jolly aired on national television has opened up a huge crack in the formidable edifice that BJP had erected in the last few months, riding the anti-incumbency wave over inflation and corruption. Not only is he writing his own political epitaph, he’s putting his party in the dock as well.
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