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Here’s why you should not cry

Here’s why you should not cry
For Lushin Dubey, magic lies in not in the story but in the way you narrate it. She swears by the idea of conceiving a play and believes it to be of foremost importance.

The thespian will be seen performing in the play I will not cry. Directed and scripted by Arvind Gaur, the play focusses on the issue of increasing number of child deaths in our country.

‘I will not cry is based upon a subject-oriented theory which touches us in our day to  day lives. A large fraction of the play is set on satire, related to true case studies and also constitutes a few humorous elements,’ Lushin says.

The play is an exceptional blend of banter and multimedia, highlighting the issue of child survival, with the help of satire and music excerpts. It will bring alive the sad truth of millions of unnecessary deaths of children in India and hopes to evoke our collective responsibility as a nation to act together.

Says Arvind Gaur: ‘Child deaths in India are most alarming and shocking situation. India has unofficially become the world’s child death capital. Over 5,000 children die in the country every day due to totally preventable causes like diarrhoea, pneumonia and birth-related complications. Every 15 seconds, a kid is dying and over four lakh newborns die within the first 24 hours of birth every year, which is the highest anywhere in the world.’

‘But sadly and shockingly, this is not a priority for us. The priorities of our economic policies are changing and children figure nowhere there. Schemes, plans and funds are there but they don’t reach their destination. Ultimately, it all boils down to corruption,’ he adds.

I will not cry has earlier been staged in Delhi last November, winning accolades from eminent personalities from varied fields. It is in support of Save the Children’s global campaign ‘Newborn & Child Survival’.

‘The play is filled with elements of heartiness, parody and poignancy which binds the viewer. It’s like a wake up call for all of us. For us, it was a proud moment when, Syeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission lauded the play by giving a standing ovation at the premiere, said Lushin.

‘The objective of the play is not just to stir and sensitise the audience about to the shocking and shameful number of child deaths in our country, but to also alert them to introspect on their social responsibility towards the issues,’ remarked Gaur.

Talk about the conceptualisation of the play and Lushin is quick to reveal: ‘I mainly perform in theatre which is metaphorically devised. It should be of minimalistic fashion (sans props and lighting) so that I can travel with it. More so, because I am artistically involved with what I create.’

How has the experience of working with Arvind Gaur for I will not cry been? ‘I am  extremely comfortable with him as we have done a few great works together in the past. He gives full freedom to improvise and experiment in performance,’ says Lushin.

Managing a solo performance solely by oneself is indeed a challenging task in itself. And Lushin agrees. ‘It’s like you are carrying the whole act on your shoulders. Versatility comes with a price and if something somewhere goes wrong in the live performance you need to fix it right there and then on the stage,’ she says.
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