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Her story, painted his way

Her story, painted his way
The artists is  all set with his solo exhibition Draupadi which serves as a link between the two different era. We got to talk to him about his project. To know more read on...

What would you consider as your major influences that helped you become an artist?

Having been through numerous relationships in my younger years (not that I am old now!), I have realized that emotions that occur as a result of our bonds with other people define us and make us who we are. The relation may be that which is shared by two lovers, or a married couple, or just two friends, or even that which exists between a mother and a child. Painting is a way for me to let out the emotions that I feel, and the hurt and pain that I cannot tell anyone about this.Thus, I can say that as a painter, I draw most of my inspiration from relationships and emotions.

Your upcoming project is Draupadi. What is the concept behind it?
The horrific incident of gang rape in Delhi acted as a catalyst for people to finally wake up and protest against the injustice to today's women. But this is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Women have been raped and abused since time immemorial. If we look into the Mahabharata, the disrobing of Draupadi is equivalent to rape. Women till today are denied the freedom and respect that they deserve.Thus through my paintings, I attempt to bring about a change in the mindset of society so that it finally gives women the honour, respect and love that they truly deserve.This is the thought behind Draupadi.

All your earlier projects are related to the female. Can we brand you as a feminist? If yes, what turned you at it?
From the time I have gained my senses, women have always fascinated me-be it my mom who managed to do all her chores and still find time to tell me stories, be it my sister who always had an answer to my problems, or be it my beloved whose beautiful feminine form and passion took my breath away. A woman has so many sides to her that it never ceases to amaze me.Thus through my paintings I attempt to be an agent of change for the women. I want the women to be given the love, honour and respect that they truly deserve.

What is the message you want to convey?
Let us all unite in the realm of creativity, let us all catch butterflies and paint the sky pink with love and happiness, dedicating our efforts for the cause of all the women around.

Do you think art can be used for bridging the gap between the gender?
Obviously, art is emotional display and the viewers who see the art could understand and realise if he has done some mistake in his life. Though it is a slow process but I believe it will change one day and give women a same platform.
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