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Hello Monsoon

Monsoon has always been that time of the year which brings about a unique rejuvenating feeling in our soul. The rains have finally arrived in the Capital. The petrichor and the sound of raindrops is what the Delhiites eagerly wait for. Though a bit delayed, the monsoon is unlikely to disappoint the punters this season as per the estimate of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). Monsoon is that season which many call their favourite while others complain they hate putting up with.

Well then, being a true Delhiite, how could it not be in your list of favourites? Oh wait! Spicy, deep fried vegetable pakodas with fresh green mint chutney does not sound that bad either. Or maybe thin, gooey, sugar-soaked jalebis with some cream? All these seem enchanting only during the monsoons, isn’t it! The cool breeze, the raindrops falling on the skin, the smell of dry earth, are all subtle reminders of how mesmerising the season can be.

All the seasons have different emotions attached to them but what makes monsoon stand apart is the feeling of romance and old-fashioned love that comes with it. It is about feeling happy and comfortable around the familiar. The over-cast sky, unpredictable rain, the smell of earth soaked with rain, a soothing song playing on radio with a coffee mug and some fried goodness in your hands, makes it such a feel-good and comforting weather to be in. Despite the traffic jams and water-logged roads, Dilliwallahs love this season to the hilt.

Millennium Post experienced vivid responses while talking to people enjoying the rains in the city.  Ekta, an office going woman says: “In the lattice work of my memories, rainy moments are studded like filigree. Those days of coming back from school, drenched in the downpour and  lulled by the rain-kissed breeze. On the downside side, the season brought with it a clutch of miseries, from power failure to mosquito bites. But looking back now, those little hardships taught us to see beauty juxtaposed against discomfort.”

Aryan, a post graduate student of Delhi University, shares his experience on campus: “I still remember my first day on campus, the fun that we has as freshers during monsoons! I still get overwhelmed when I recall those memories. Delhi University is a gem of a place. Grabing uncle Tom’s Maggi, D’school’s famous Mutton Dosa along with some ginger tea from the Ramjas canteen along with your date used to be the most magical time of the year”.

Never at a loss of ideas, Sahil, a college student, suggested: “Driving on the highway to Haveli is my  favourite part.” 

Shourya, an eight year old, said: “I tear line paper from my notebooks during the school hours or coloured papers from scrapbook, make boats and as soon as my school gets over, I rush out and sail those boats in the water. Though my parents always scold me still I love doing it.”

 Another college student, Nidhi, shared her love for monsoons. She said: “To heck with the boots and the bags, I like to jump in water and dance to whichever Bollywood tune is playing in my head. I don’t care if people are staring at me and giving me an annoyed look. I just sing, enjoy the rains, smile at children on the street and allow them to join me  in my madness.”

 Niharika, a school student, while sipping a cup of milk said: “I wake up in the morning and pray, hoping for the school to declare a holiday. At times, my mother would look out of the window and frown deeply, then look at my sleepy face and tell me to get back to sleep. It is an amazing feeling to not put on that annoying uniform on such a beautiful day.” 

 Mr and Mrs Gupta, a couple of 74-78 said: “We buzz on our all time favourite Raj Kapoor-Nargis song Pyar hua ikrar hua hai, pyar se phir kyun darta hai dil, and enjoy sitting in our dinning hall, looking down the window and talking about all the memories we created. Monsoon really gives us a reason to get romantic at this age and for a moment we get a chance to feel young again.”

This summer’s unusually long rainy season is taking a big toll on street vendors and day labourers surviving hand to mouth as the continued wet weather has hit street business and halted construction work. Moti lal, a street vendor, feels highly disappointed with the longing of such heavy rainfall in the capital saying: “Humara toh dhanda (business) he bandh hojata hai memsabh.” He expressed how continuous rainfall effected his business  and also how he failed to meet the minimum sale of the day.

Ajay, a 22 year old, said: “As Delhi populace is weary of traffic jams , specially during the monsoons, I look towards the Delhi metro to shield myelf from the monsoon rains. Though it feels really patchy inside the metro, the co-travellers completely drenched with solidified components of mud 
and dirt, even if I try to maintain the distance, its kind of a battle and I always lose. It’s a challenging journey but there is one thing that never disappoints me and i.e the view from Delhi Metro. The view while riding through the many Delhi metro bridges is somethimg to die for. I often come to cross the iconic  sites and beautiful views. And monsoons alone can paint the city with balanced brightness and contrast.”

Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy this season, let the rains evoke feelings from the powerful smell of petrichor to the romantic pensiveness. Do it before the sweltering heat of the summer months starts to bother you again.
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