Heat is on: How to keep your furry friends cool this season

Heat is on: How to keep your furry friends cool this season
The heat is on and with the mercury rising daily, respite from the sun is a daunting task. With the beginning of summer, pet owners need to get their pets ready for the hot weather months ahead. Summer also brings unique risks to your dog's health that you should keep in mind throughout the season.

According to Dr KG Umesh, Mars India, 'Dogs can't perspire efficiently like us and can only dispel heat by panting and through the pads of their feet. Air moves through the nasal passages, which picks up excess heat from the body. As it is expelled through the mouth, the extra heat leaves along with it.’

Here are some summer pet safety tips you can follow to enjoy the months ahead and keep your pets healthy:

Never leave your pet in the car:
When traveling by car in the summer, never leave your dog unattended. Heatstroke and death can occur within minutes of being exposed to warm temperatures.  Make sure the crate is well ventilated, put a sunshade on your car windows, bring along fresh water and  a bowl and a tarp or tent so you can set up a shady spot when you stop.

Ample water: Whether you're indoors or out, your pet need access to lots of fresh water during the summer, so check her water bowl several times a day to be sure it's full. If you and your furry friend venture forth for the afternoon, bring plenty of water for both of you.

Say no to tangles: Keeping your pet well groomed will help their hair do what it was designed to do. Protect them from the sun and insulate them from the heat. Furry dog breeds should be well clipped during this season as the thick coat makes them feel hotter. It also makes it a home for bacteria and parasites.

Keep their beds cool:  Remove cushiony bedding from your dog's crate or bed. They may be more comfortable lying on the cooler bottom rather than on blankets or fleece.

Feeding: Dogs tend to eat less in summer but they end up spending more energy in an effort to lower their body temperatures. A lot of pet owners tend to feed home-made diets like curd and rice during the summers, but it is very important to note that this food contains more water (70-80%) and does not have adequate levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Make sure your pet doesn't overexert: Though exercise is an important, overdoing it can cause them to overheat. Save exercise sessions for dawn and dusk.

Dr Umesh further adds, 'Dogs may spend more energy in an effort to lower the body temperature  during periods of increased panting.’ So, make sure they eat adequately to compensate the loss.
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