Health dept mulls procuring 20 new vans to transport blood

Health dept mulls procuring 20 new vans to transport blood
The vans that were used for transporting blood from one place to another have become old and they lack the adequate infrastructure for the better preservation of blood while being transported.

The state government will spend Rs 70 lakh for buying each vehicle. The state finance department has agreed to allot the fund for the procuring 20 new vans. During the summer, less number of blood donation camps are being organised and as a result of this, the collection of blood is minimum. 

Moreover, it has been seen that the blood samples that were collected from various camps in far off districts often get damaged during transportation. This is because the vans used for transporting blood from the camps to various state run blood banks in the state were not fully equipped to keep the quality of the blood intact.

A senior official of a state run blood bank said that due to excessive heat the blood collected from various camps in the districts get destroyed due to excessive heat. Such incidents are on the rise because the vans that carry the blood from the camps lack the basic infrastructure. The matter was informed to the senior health officials in the state. 

According to a senior health department official, around 20 new vans will be purchased by the department which will be fitted with advanced technology-based refrigerator.

If the weather is too hot and humid outside, these refrigerators can be able to conserve the blood.
The quality of various blood components like glucose, plasma can be easily preserved inside the van.
Even if the blood bank staffs have to travel a long distance these new vans can easily preserve the blood components.

Due to the problems in the preservation of blood during the summer less number of camps was held in the state. But following the introduction of the new vehicles the number of blood donation camps will go up solving the crisis of the blood during summer. If there is a need, the modern vans will be able to transport patients.



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