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He loves me he loves me not!

He loves me he loves me not!
I’m in love with someone who has no feelings for me. How can I make him love me?
Yashika, New Delhi.
You actually can’t ‘make’ anyone love the other! Yes, a genuine effort to express effectively should be there. In no condition should you regret later. As they say - love defeated is always greater than what defeats it! If the ‘other’ has to love or reciprocate it will happen naturally. If not, always remember - better and best awaits. It is just a matter of time and your Mr. Right will take you out of the wrong situation. Have faith and keep sailing.

I am 19, my parents want me to get engaged to a family friend’s son. I don’t want it. But they are adamant. How to get out of this situation.
Aarati, Haryana
<g data-gr-id="84">Aarati</g> - just put your foot down if you don’t want it. If need be, speak to the guy and tell him. <g data-gr-id="85">May be</g>, he too is also unsure but is unable to deny the parental pressure! If you are unable to convince, get engaged on a condition - you will not marry before 3 years. During which, understand the guy, be friends to understand whether you like him enough to marry him. If there’s anything wrong, then take it up with your family. Good luck dear!

My husband has a lot of female friends. He’s very friendly with them and keeps chatting till late night! I get irritated and he says I’m <g data-gr-id="70">over reacting</g>. How do I handle this?
Aarti, Meerut
I understand that this is irritating! You can try to verbally sort this with him. Explain how it affects you. Do tell him that though you trust him completely yet too many women makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. If he still continues, you can try his way. Start interacting with your friends / guy friends or get active on <g data-gr-id="89">cyber</g> network. Pay no attention to him and ignore him completely. Just stop telling him anything and behave as if nothing he does affects you anymore. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss and he might realize his actions and rectify soon.

I have caught my son stealing money from the bag. This has really hurt me. How to handle this?
Radharam Malhotra, Noida
Oh! I think we all have done this <g data-gr-id="88">atleast</g> once in life. This is some kind of a thrill for kids. If it’s not a big amount then don’t <g data-gr-id="90">over react</g> now. Keep a watch on his spending habits and friends he moves around with. If it happens again then sit with him and talk with patience. Remember, if he is a teenager it needs to be handled with love and care. Don’t lose your heart and handle him well. Please don’t panic much and try to be his best buddy. I’m sure this will be fine soon.

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