Having a rocking time

Having a rocking time
Continuing to provide a platform to talented yet unrecognised musicians and bands from all across the country, Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds, which took place last Saturday at Hard Rock Cafe, was perfect for non-mainstream music.

Delhi bands Parikrama, Incredible Mindfunk and The Uncertainty Principle paid tribute to the legendary musicians of the past along with Incredible Mindfunk.

The aim was to discover the best rock talent of India. Never Hide Sounds invited aspiring bands to pay tribute to legendary rock musicians. Various bands from all across the country participated and performed in their own unique style.

The selected five bands — The Modern Mafia (Mumbai), Street Stories (Shillong), 83 miles per hour (Chennai), The News (Bangalore) and the Uncertainty Principle (Delhi) — will now be playing at Mumbai's Lands End Bandra Amphitheatre on 1 December for the grand finale.

'Legendary music is the one that takes risks, is unconventional, original, and inspirational, moves you and makes you move,' said Amitabh Sehdev, event head.

'Youth and youth culture has always been at the core as well as non-conformist lifestyle and music. Keeping this in mind we invited young Western music groups/bands from various parts of the country to showcase their mettle,' he added.

The Uncertainty Principle, who are Delhi’s entry in the grand finale, said: 'The Never Hide Sounds concert is a great opportunity for bands like us to show our talent and make people aware of our music. It’s a platform through which artistes can pay tribute to their influences and legends they look up to.'

Joining in the musical celebration was another Delhi band — The Incredible Mindfunk — whose performance had the audience wanting for more. Speaking about their experience they said: 'This event truly allows upcoming bands to push their music out, which is a sign that independent music is flourishing in India.'

The bands enthralled the crowds by playing some of their best numbers.


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