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Harmony between education and industry

What is your vision for education at Galgotias University?
Our vision is to create an institution that promotes excellence in both teaching and learning. Keeping before us the education systems and processes prevalent at the world’s finest universities, we have set out to build an education institution of stature. Both institutions and organisations need great human and physical infrastructure. What distinguishes an institution from an organisation, however, is that the former is built on the foundation of a deeper value system. An institution has a strong bearing on the thought-processes of a society, whereas an organisation is merely an efficient way of being. The central belief at Galgotias University is that ours must be an education ecosystem that functions as an intellectual capital generator. Our students must emerge well-equipped to take on the roles of thought-leaders. We work hard to ensure that our graduates contribute to industry and society immediately upon the completion of their studies.

The key difference at Galgotias University is that industry-integration and guidance are critical pillars. A huge amount of industry-integration is built into faculty orientation, syllabus and the education process across the entire span of a student’s tenure. Galgotias University uses the industry-guidance mantra intensively through various models of university-industry partnership ranging across accreditations, MoU arrangements and academic alliances. These integration initiatives help create a deep and enriching education experience. This approach applies across all programs. This is why Galgotias University students are highly sought after by blue-chip corporate entities and institutions.
Your university has exchange programmes with other foreign universities. Do you think international tie-ups are effective? 
We find that partnerships with international universities and institutions are extremely enriching for all stakeholders. The driving vision at Galgotias University is to evolve into a global centre of excellence, comparable with the best in the world. To achieve this vision, we at Galgotias University are developing strategic international partnerships with reputed universities and institutions across the globe. The varsity aims to develop strong and effective partnerships, which will provide faculty, students and researchers at both institutions with opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multi-disciplinary projects. In the case of each relationship, these tie-ups add muscle to teaching pedagogies and infrastructure on the ground and access to critical global education processes that would not otherwise be available. To ensure maximum market-readiness in students, Galgotias University works to build maximum international exposure into each program, so as to prepare students to think about the wider world.
How successful is your placement cell?
Galgotias University uses industry-guidance as a fundamental pillar to inform and drive the education experience. Industry is involved in every aspect from program development and introduction to syllabus development and updating processes, besides classroom and offsite teaching. The industry  also accentuates its presence in lectures and seminars, projects and internships, training of faculty and placements for job-ready students. Many of our students are placed even before they graduate, simply because industry has been involved at every step of their education. The varsity, however, also conducts a deep and rich campus placement program. Over 150 leading industry players and institutions attended last year and the numbers are only growing with each passing year. Galgotias University provides 100 per cent placement support to all its students and uses the following processes to significantly improve the campus placement strike rate: 
1. Competencies and needs of top corporate entities are clearly identified for campus hires.
2. Detailed market analysis is used to invite top corporate entities to the campus.
3. Students are arduously trained to fit the requirements of the recruitment process (test/interview) laid down by participating corporate entities.
4. Well-guided internship programs are used to appropriately orient students and make them aware of different work cultures.
5. Flawless recruitment processes are implemented successfully every year with a growing list of top corporate entities.
6. Galgotias University has signed and implemented different models of MoUs with various corporate entities to increase employability among our students.
Various universities have infrastructural issues. How is your university different in this scenario?
Galgotias University offers a range of cutting-edge resources in order to help students achieve their total potential. The varsity is committed to creating an environment for optimal learning and research. The varsity’s campus is set in 52 acres of rolling green at a prime location on the Yamuna Expressway. The campus is close to some of the finest infrastructure being built in the National Capital Region. The state-of-the-art campus has been designed by renowned architects specialising in educational architecture. The laboratories, classrooms, library, hostels and cafeterias and other spaces are comparable with the world’s best. The campus provides an ambience perfectly conducive to teaching, learning and research. Its proximity to the educational hub of Greater Noida makes it an excellent education destination.

How does your university take up social issues or create awareness amongst students?
Several schools at Galgotias University have in-built social awareness cum work initiatives. The Galgotias University’s Legal Aid Clinic (GULAC) is an initiative of the students and faculty of the Galgotias University School of Law, in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh State Legal Service Authority. The GULAC was set up in order to help implement the policy and directions of the National Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 and the National Legal Services Authority (Legal Aid Clinics) Scheme, 2010. The GULAC enables disadvantaged members of the general public, largely hailing from the surrounding areas, to access free legal help and obtain speedier justice in local courts of law. Students from the Galgotias University School of Law provide assistance with research, drafting legal arguments and client meetings, while its faculty represent clients before the relevant courts. The free legal aid clinic is a well-proven method to teach law school students legal processes and provide hands-on experience. The GULAC renders free legal aid and provides assistance in approaching appropriate authorities for redressal of grievances, assistance in the resolution of disputes and free legal assistance in courts. The GULAC assists under-trials to prepare legal documents and provide pro-bono counsel, conduct pre-litigation mediation, render preventive advice and monitor the follow-up in matters where legal assistance has been provided, etc. Students from various other schools go to the villages in the surrounding areas and mentor children on a regular basis. The excellent math and science capabilities of students from different schools of engineering are especially prized by the local community, when it comes to help for their children.   
Galgotias University has an in-built English Proficiency Training and Business Communication Programme. Could you tell us a little more about it? 
The new English Proficiency Training Program was inaugurated by the renowned educator, Dr. Steven T Hawkins, whose pioneering efforts to bring about positive transformation among students are well-known. The English Proficiency Program introduced at the University develops effective speaking interpersonal skills and mathematical and reasoning skills. This program has been immensely successful in its goal of creating corporate ready students. Under this course, students are trained from their very first year onwards. The course content is part of the curriculum and is taught like other subjects. The content of the first year is based on basic communication skills with activities, which help motivate students to improve communication and presentation skills and develop self confidence. During the second and third year, the course focuses on quantitative and verbal aptitude. Mock interviews and group discussions are regularly conducted. In their final year, students are given extra training during their summer holidays and before they finally face interviews.
How can we enhance our education system across the country?
The basic approach to education is a problem sometimes. In some institutions across our country, mere absorption of information is seen as an education. Education, however, must teach one to learn for life in a multi-disciplinary manner. It has become imperative that we foster a complete industry-integrated education system to ensure higher employability for our graduates. Universities like ours use a multi-pronged approach to create education excellence. New-age private universities like ours use industry-integration practices towards creating market-ready graduates for industry and society. When industry is completely integrated into the academic and teaching process, the syllabi does become very up to date. Industry interface is intense and this injects realism into classroom, lab and field. 
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