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Happy Go Naughty!

Happy Go  Naughty!
Here we present to you DJ Notorious who has created a buzz all over with his smashing remixes and albums. His gigs spun around 200 different nightclubs in over 50 cities of 13 different countries. He shares with us his journey and his life beyond music. Here are some excerpts.

Tell us about yourselves. How did you start off ?
I started playing percussion way back in my school in Goa. I am a trained musician and the natural step after school was to pursue music. I did a lot of shows with my school band throughout Goa. The next step came when I was living in UK, where I got a real interest in DJing and I learned the art at the Manchester Academy in UK.

What was the first big break for you?

My first big break was when I got the opportunity to play at a club in Manchester way back in the year 2000. It was hard for an Indian DJ to play in England at that time but once the first event was a hit, I got to play at more events there.
How would you define your musical philosophy?
Well since I lived in Goa for about 8 years, I came across a lot of live music. There was hardly any Bollywood influence in the music there. In fact, musicians in Goa were more inspired by Portuguese music, so my early musical philosophy was pretty much in line with that.

You have recently collaborated with Canada based bhangra superstars Bilz and Kashif. What inspired you to create it? Describe the  moment to us.

Bilz and Kashif are based in Montreal, Canada. They are hardly influenced by Bollywood. Their music is Punjabi mixed with English rap. When I heard the track it was very different from what we hear in India. I was in Montreal and I was inspired by the beautiful city.

You have been performing at a number of places abroad. Was there any difference in the response of the audience? How easy (or difficult) is it to make a mark in the remix scene here? What do you think the main issues are?

Well let me put it this way, there is more receptiveness for Bollywood music abroad because they are starved for good desi music whereas in India people have access to Bollywood music and culture more easily. However, Bollywood songs incite the same kind of passion everywhere. It’s not easy to make a mark in the remix scene but if you are talented then your work will be appreciated always.
You are now the official DJ of Bollywood artiste Shaan. How does it feel? Has it made any significant 
difference to you?

It’s an honor to work with a singer like Shaan. He’s one of the most down to earth person I have come across. The difference it has made to me is that I have been observing Shaan up close and learning everything I possibly can as regards to music.
Can we have a bit about your music? What and who inspire you?

My music has varied influences because I have lived in Goa for a few years then in UK for a while and Mumbai. Music is all I know. The smallest things like sitting on a beach listening to the waves can sometimes inspire you to compose great music.
Tell us about what you think are your best tracks.

My best remix was my debut track Jab Andhera Hota Hai, firstly because it was an R D Burman track and secondly it was very difficult to remix and not a very popular track. Recently I remixed the song Besharmi Ki Height for the film Main Tera Hero which is now doing great on TV, radio, clubs etc.

What suggestion/advice would you have for newbies in this genre?

I would advise the new comers to first educate themselves by doing a profession DJ course so they have their basics clear instead of jumping in the fray unprepared. Also the most important reason to be a DJ should be solely music and nothing else because that is what you are going to do 24/7. 
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