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Happy Bhag Jayegi- A Mood Lightener

 The story revolves around Happy, a loud and quirky young Punjabi girl; Guddu her boyfriend who is only in love with her other than playing what Happy terms as the ‘tuntuna’; Bagga, a pompous politician and Happy’s fiancé; Bilal, the son of Pakistan’s ex-governor and Zoya, an independent and respectful Pakistani woman and Bilal’s fiancée.

Happy(Diana) plans to elope, on the evening of her engagement with Bagga(Jimmy Shergil) . Guddu (Ali Fazal) had planned for her to jump off her window into a truck full of flowers which would bring her straight to him. But due to some miscommunication, Happy lands up in the wrong truck which eventually takes her away to Bilal’s residence in Lahore. Sheer confusion stirs up as she runs about in the streets of the city and gets arrested by police officer Usman Afridi, played by Piyush Mishra. 

Scared of his father’s reputation, Bilal(Abhay) takes up the responsibility of reuniting Happy with Guddu, with some support from Zoya who had initially been suspicious of Bilal. Series of events follow which create an unnecessary confusion in the movie and often manage to tickle your funny bones.

The movie is definitely not as good as the trailer, even though there are some moments that will make you laugh out loud. The script is quite good, with the right use of Urdu words to fit the situation; Mudassar Aziz has done a good job. Abhay stands out in the character of Bilal, while Jimmy has delivered another great performance after Madaari in this film. Diana Penty stands out with her portrayal of the boisterous and impulsive Happy, but yet somewhere the character seems forgettable. 

Piyush Mishra has brilliantly played the cranky police officer who helps Bilal hesitatingly to reunite the crazy Indian couple! Ali Fazal as well had done justice to his role of a young jobless fellow madly in love with Happy. 

Momal Sheikh is another treat to the eye with her powerful yet faithful portrayal of Zoya. One of the most loved scenes of the film would be, where the two men sip coffee on the balcony and talk about love, and Bilal’s explanation to Guddu that what matters the most is who Madhubala likes and not who likes Madhubala (Madhubala, being a metaphorical reference to Happy’s character). Even though the dialogues are good and the actors have collectively done a nice job, in some parts of the film the plot seems to fall apart. But overall it is a happy watch.

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