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Handling furry tantrums

Handling furry tantrums
My cat has been given some medicines but she doesn’t take them willingly because of the taste. I tried mixing them with her meals but she always picks them out. How can I make her eat them?

It depends on the type of medication. Liquid medicines can be easily administered through mixing them with their gravy-laden food items. A solid pill can be crushed and then mashed with the food. Also, a pill-gun can be purchased to administer hassle-free medications to cats.

My dog has a bad temper, where can he be abandoned?

Bad tempered pets are a result of bad handling and negligence on the part of the owner. Abandoning a pet, for whatever reason, is a punishable offence and you can be booked under section 3 and 11 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA Act, 1960)
Moreover it is morally unjustified to abandon an animal just because keeping it is somehow inconvenient. Would you throw out a child if it was badly behaved ? Just because this is a non human species  and you have the power to be mean, does it justify it ? Would it not be more sensible to get in a trainer and see how its behavior can be modified.

My dog sometimes wags his tail more to the right and other times more to the left. Why is this ?

The left hemisphere of the mammalian brain is associated with positive feelings (approach, attachment, love) and the right hemisphere is for negative feelings (withdrawal, anxiety, caution). As the left hemisphere controls the right half of the body and vice versa,  the wagging of the tail towards the right of the body signifies positive emotions whereas towards the left signifies negative emotions.

My neighbours work in offices. But they have a pair of Great Danes and once a year the female gives a litter and lot of people starts coming there. Is it legal?

No It is not only illegal but also immoral. They are selling the pups and not paying taxes There are 4.5 crore dogs in India and every single animal welfare organization is struggling to control their population. In the absence of birth control programmes, thousands of dogs get killed every day by municipalities. It is also cruel to the female dog to produce a litter every year. Dog breeding can only be done after registration with the AWBI. It depends on how far you want to go with this : you can inform them that you know about their sales and you will inform the income tax if they do not stop. You can inform an animal welfare organization and they can take the matter up.

My 3 month old puppy is exceedingly hyper and it becomes very difficult to control him sometimes. I have tried putting him on a leash to restrain him but he still jumps on people and tries to bite. I’m afraid he might hurt himself by pulling on the leash. What should I do?

It is fine for pups only a few weeks old to mouth and bite objects. However, as they grow older, around the 3-4 month mark, they need to be taught biting inhibitions (when not to bite)Most dogs are energetic and playful, so it (hyper-activity) isn’t much of an issue. 
Tiring the pup through the day through walking may help alleviate this. You may also train the dog to certain cues, that is, when to sit and be still, especially around people. It is of importance to train your pup to follow orders. You need to make it understand when/what not to bite through action/reaction techniques. Eg. Make high-pitched yelp if it tries to clamp its jaws too hard on hour hand; the audio cue helps the dog inculcate learning. Also, chewable-toys may help curb the biting issue. The leash however, seems a bit harsh.

Why does my dog eat bricks or mud?

This is due to iron deficiency . give your dog iron supplements and a lots of green leafy vegetables to eat. This should also be treated as an indication of worms. The faeces should be gotten to examined.

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