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Hairy tales

Hairy tales
Here's a rather interesting take on your crowning glory. Something About Hair - an exhibition of photographs by Oriane Zerah is on display in the Capital. 
Oriane Zerah is an independent photographer, represented by Wostok Press Agency. She was born in Paris, where she followed dramatic art studies and dance. 

She has worked with comedian Jean-Pierre Leaud, and then during a few years in a Franco-Polish group before joining Theater du  Soleil (1999-2001).

Since then, she spends her time between India, the neighboring countries and France. Photography has revealed itself and then imposed itself on her through her journey, says the artiste. She has tamed it with her own rhythm, through trips, getting advice and contacts of other photographers she met here and there. Paris, Delhi, Lahore, Kabul...her chosen nomadic lifestyle allows her to investigate, feel, immerse and try to understand what is around her in the numerous countries where ever she goes.

Why the hair? Here's why - hidden, revealed, ash bushy or thinned out, sight of seduction, of strength and power, the hair fascinate, inspire, subjects to its laws. Taken on in with her flowing locks, the woman becomes flower, foliage, river or more - as the artiste imagines her in the mind's eye. 

In Hinduism it is said that Ganga the goddess lives in Lord Shiva's and the universe is woven out of the strands. Mop of hair, fleece, undone or braided the hair is loaded with carnal and erotic dimensions. 

In western societies the women cover their heads when they enter the church so as not to disturb the angles. In the Islamic tradition women have to hide her hair in public not to arouse desire in men. 
Weaving in various traditions of hair into her photographs, Zerah had put together an interesting collection. Well worth a look - head over for this one over the weekend. 
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