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Gurgaon exhibits young art in style

Gurgaon exhibits young art in style
The Popularity tiff between big names and small ones exist almost in all markets. Some are drawn towards quantity and some towards quality. Around the following mind set, Maandavi Sharma has taken upon herself to promote young talent through The Gurgaon Art Festival, Fall of 2012.

Beginning 12 September, the festival will showcase the works of over 50 artists and sculptors from across the country, with names like Prithvi Soni, J M S Mani and Suhas Roy among the highlights. According to Maandavi S Sharma, art curator and organiser of the festival: ‘Events like these play a crucial part to help cultivate the young and emerging talent in the field of art.’

‘Not many organisers of art exhibitions and festivals provide a platform to new artists. Even an art buyer is looking for big names. My aim is to provide a platform to upcoming talent [artists and sculptors] and lend out a forum where they can showcase their talent and skills,’ said Sharma.

Around 40 such new artists will be a part of the Gurgaon Art Festival this year, and fresh requests for participation are still being sent in.

The exhibition this year brings together over 50 painters and sculptors, who are displaying more than 200 landscape, figurative, abstract, semi-abstract, realistic and spiritual works of art. 

After the phenomenal success of the festival last year, Maandavi is looking forward to a good response this time around too.

‘Gurgaon is very different from other cities when it comes to the art market. People here are not that concerned with an artist’s reputation. They are ready to buy art that is good, regardless of the names involved. Canvases costing between Rs 15,000 to Rs 6 lakh are available for pick up,’ she said.

Apart from the main exhibition, arrangements have also been made for side-activities which include art workshops, portrait making and clay modeling associated with Saksham, NGO.

‘The festival is a celebration of art. It is positive, soulful and happy. The pieces displayed at the festival celebrate the love for art that is much more than the ornamental value. It is a vibrant event buzzing with activity in every corner. Professional artists will be assisting guests in painting their imagination on canvas in the creative corner while portrait artists will be making exquisite portraits of the guests and sculptors will help enthusiastic guests in giving shape to their imagination,’  Maandavi concluded.


At: The Epicenter, Apparel House, Gurgaon 
When: 12 September -16 September 
Timings: 11 am - 8 pm
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