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Gun n’ roses ablaze

Looks like Hollywood could create winners even in superficial sagas as long as it parades stars exuding coolness as gangsters. Just to be sure, Gangster Squad takes that extra step – harks back to the 40s and 50s to add that touch of glamour (think sleek Cadillacs and women in bouffants).

Sean Penn as the ambitious gang lord, Mickey Cohen, goes at it in all earnest. He is the lord of all that he surveys. Penn is clearly having a ball, playing the gangster. Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling fit in perfectly as the sergeants out to get the gangster. Between them, they have ensured a watchable thriller. But even they could not hold the script tight — it flounders at places, giving into clichés that could have been avoided. Like the almost-mandatory romance between the cop (Gosling) and the moll girl (played by Emma Stone).

The plot in nutshell is simple. LAPD detectives want to keep Los Angeles free of gangsters. For that they have to get rid of the ruthless Cohen. That is easy said than done as Cohen’s tentacles are widespread. So the law keepers put together an elaborate plan and a special task force equivalent is created to deal with Cohen. At some point it looks like Cohen is going to see it all through. But then again, this being a Hollywood film, all the ends are neatly tied and the good, obviously, wins over the evil.

Although Hollywood has served us better gangster flicks, Gangster Squad definitely does manage to squeeze itself into the list of reckoning, thanks mainly to the solid crew and the coolness they exude. If you are planning to go, buy yourself a large tub of popcorn, and forget about the logic. You are sure to have a rocking time.
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