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Gulzar’s new poetry collection a tribute to the planet Pluto

Veteran lyricist-poet Gulzar celebrates the metaphor of exile in many ways in a new collection of poems which he has dedicated to the planet Pluto.

In Pluto, Gulzar addresses his pet themes - relationships, his relationship with god, nature, time, the art of poetry - with characteristic wit and brevity, and the uncommon ability to find meaning in the mundane.

The poems have been translated into English by Nirupama Dutt and the book includes, for the first time in a volume of his poetry in English, a selection of the poet’s own sketches.

“Pluto lost its status as a planet recently. Scientists said: ‘Away with you. We will not include you in our family of nine planets? you are not one!’ I had lost my place long ago when my family said, ‘How come a mirasi in a family of businessmen?’ Silence echoed that you are not one of us,” says Gulzar.

“My heart is saddened at Pluto’s sorrow on being rejected thus. It is so far away? so tiny? so all my ‘pint-sized’ poems I gift to it. Some moments are fleeting, ephemeral. We often fail to grasp them. I like to hoard them,” he says.

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