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Gujarat centre engages in ad-war

For the first time in the history of Indian politics, the centre has launched an advertisement war with the state government clarifying each point including subsidy on beef export raised by Chief Minister Narendra Modi in his poll campaign. The move reflects the seriousness of the UPA regime this time to expose the propaganda unleashed by Gujarat against the union government.

Almost all English and Gujarati newspapers published from the state are being given a full page insertion on what the centre labelled a false propaganda being made by Modi in his speeches during the Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra. Modi is seeking a third term in power and has left no stone unturned in exposing the Congress led UPA government.

It will not be surprising if other ministeries of the union government come out with clarifications and assertions from their sides to retaliate against Modi’s campaign.

Modi has alleged that the UPA government has been supplying imported gas for domestic purposes which costlier than the gas being supplied in Mumbai and Delhi by the Union petroleum ministry. The central government has not been able to clarify this charge made by Modi.

Another major issue being raised by Modi is that the cotton growers are being treated with injustice by the central government as they are not allowed them to export cotton following a ban on cotton exports. This move has resulted into huge losses for the cotton growers of Gujarat.

Modi has recently declared a new textile policy aimed at helping the cotton growers and has provided incentives worth Rs.2,700 crore. While the advertisement released by the central government has stated that ' cotton growers of Gujarat have earned a profit of more than Rs.7,000 crore during 2011-12 because of the UPA government policies. Replying to the another point on the cotton issue front the ministry of textiles has asserted that in no way farmers in the state were forced to sell the commodity at lower rates as cotton corporation of India has launched market intervention scheme and procured 11 lakh cotton  bales from the state at the rate of Rs.4,500 per quintal.

In regard to export of beef as alleged by Modi that the Congress government is exporting meat providing subsidy while it was  totally unbothered about the cotton growers’ plight in Gujarat.  To this ministry of Commerce and Industry has clarified that beef export is banned.' Export of buffalo meat has been allowed since 1969.

However the advertisement does not make any mention whether the exporters of buffalo meat are being given subsidy or not.
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