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Guilty pleasure par excellence

Guilty pleasure par excellence
Gabriel Allon, an Israeli super spy, has been called in to investigate the kidnapping of Madeline Hart, a young, ambitious woman in Britain’s ruling government, from a vacation in Corsica.

Hart also has another secret. She’s also the mistress of the British Prime Minister, John Lancaster, standing for a second term in office. On the eve of the election, a scandal of this nature cannot reveal itself to the public eye. The ransom is ten million Euros and kidnappers demand that Gabriel Allon deliver it.

Gabriel Allon’s foray into British affairs has been rather feebly built up, like a rather poor James Bond film. His expertise requested for by his superiors in the Mossad as a favour to the British and Allon obliges. We are then transported into the world of an Israeli super spy, where we are taken through a roller coaster ride through England France, Corsica and Russia.Teaming up with an old adversary, Christian Keller, who was once hired to kill Allon, they get onto this journey to save Hart.

It is a rather unusual alliance, but Allon respects Keller’s expertise. Allon also draws from his sources from all echelons of society, with sometimes an entire village or a large bunch of individuals required for executing his plans. Searching for Hart takes up only half the novel, with other circumstances regarding her disappearance coming into play. These circumstances play an indelible part in maintaining the riveting path the plot take once it arrives mid-way. What happens here is something that should be left to the reader. The only hint left to the reader is that, what follows from here on out, is just as intriguing as what preceded it.
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