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‘Guide him when you make love’

‘Guide him when you make love’
My younger son is adamant to get married to someone who is 5 years older than him. We are worried but helpless. What can we do?
Rajani, New Delhi

If he’s sure about his decision, what can you do? I understand your concerns but marriage is a very personal matter and it can’t be controlled by others, including parents. Do explain your worries to him but try to support his decision whole heartedly.

I want to be an actor. My parents want me to get into the family business. I don’t know how to convince them. Can you help?
Vicky, Haryana

If you feel you have the ability and the patience to pursue your dreams then you should only listen to yourself. Entertainment industry has its glory but it has a lot of difficulties that one has to cope up with. The factor of luck is also vital. Please tell them that you need a few years to dedicate yourself for your dream. If by chance, it doesn’t click you will do as they want. Convince them and I’m sure, they’ll understand and support you.

My husband is very cold in bed. He’s too boring. I need more but in spite of me giving him hints, he’s not understanding. I fear I will start seeking good sex outside!!
Name withheld

Sexual incompatibility is a burning issue. You both should try having a good talk with your doctor and seek medical advice too. Boosters can sometimes be prescribed for improvement in sex life. Try your best to explain your problem and guide him while you are making love. Bridge the mental gaps to have a better bond. Good luck!

I have a very conservative family. I’m in 11th standard now and they still escort me everywhere and never allow late nights or outing with friends! I’m very unhappy and feel distressed.
Seema, Chandigarh

All parents are never the same and we always tend to be the way our life has been. Probably they had a strict upbringing and hence they have this attitude towards you. You must try and have an open chat with them where you should explain your problems in detail. Be patient and wise. Parents do take time to understand that we have grown up. Just don’t lose heart yet.

I had a miscarriage right after marriage. We want a child but it’s not maturing. I’m married for 2 years. My in-laws are behaving very rudely because of this. What can I do to make things better?
Mrs. Kumar, New Delhi

Just concentrate on your life and be positive. Consult the doctor and follow the advice. I’m sure everything is perfect. Don’t let external matters affect your mind. Be happy, be strong and all will be good.

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