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Growls, bites and leaves

If Hollywood doesn't come up with a better stock formula for zombie apocalypse movies - we solemnly swear to not watch another one till we actually get bitten by one of those infected freaks. 

While we were sorely tempted to think that the movie should not have hit screens after all, especially after the delay in the movie’s release, the pretty awesome action scenes are the only saving grace of World War Z

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, ex-UN’s top field investigator, specialist in crisis situations, and after voluntary retirement has taken to making pancakes for his family with a vengeance. We like pancakes. From these pancakes we rush to an absurd traffic snarl as the radio blares out news of an international epidemic that is making head-beating, rabid... in general nasty zombies out of people. 

While Lane tries to get to a safe place with his family without getting bitten, his former colleague Thierry calls him to say that the country needs their man back, it is time. And of course, the world of pancakes must be left behind for a greater good. Stop the zombies. 

Between a lot of flying bullets and infected people turning in to nasty things Lane and his family manage to reach the only safe place on earth - an US Navy ship, miles off the coast. A virologist tells them that the plague is a virus, whose origin must be found in order for a vaccine to be developed. The naval commander tells Lane that he has to go with a team of Navy Seals to find the source of the outbreak so as they can fix the pandemic. Where have we heard this before?

All our clichéd digs aside, World War Z is not half bad - action saves the day and perhaps the cool graphics. Brad Pitt could have sat out, change him with any other Hollywood star and World War Z would have worked pretty much the same way.  America falls, Jerusalem falls, pretty much everything falls except the lone ship of survivors. 

As Pitt says at the end of the movie, ‘This isn't the end; not even close.’ We are rather concerned - more zombies we can take...more to this movie, perhaps not!
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