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Green, grills and more!

Green, grills and more!
Summer made easy! Pamper your taste buds with some exciting greens, grills and flavoured daiquiris. The Imperial brings us the summer salads and barbeque. So get ready to take an exciting culinary detour with wood fired or charcoal grilled Barbeque recipes or indulge in light eats with vibrant and healthy summer salads. The menu includes home-made sausages,  grilled jumbo prawns, grilled sea bass amongst others to satiate an epicure in you.  

Roasted root vegetable salad with pesto and pine nuts, insalata mista with sun dried tomatoes and artichokes and many more healthy variants are a delicious accompaniment to grilled meats and promise to pamper your taste buds. Adding  more to it, you can also have your favourite Daiquiri in an array of innovative infusions. 

Enjoy the blends delectably soaked with fresh fruits like strawberry, raspberry, mango, kiwi and banana and experience enriching flavours while cooling your senses. Keep the heat at bay with these indulgent concoctions, sitting on lush Montana chairs or in the two private rooms surrounded by British Raj trivia. So head over!

When: On till 30 June
Where: 1911 restaurant and 1911 Bar, 
The Imperial
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