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Great escape artist Sobhraj cheats death again

Great escape artist Sobhraj cheats death again
Buildings crumbled into dust and thousands lost their lives and still others became homeless within minutes. The death toll continues to rise till date with relief flowing in from all over the Subcontinent.

But this disaster has failed to shake-up Charles Sobhraj, perhaps the world’s most infamous serial killer who has been linked with at least 10 sadistic murders. A master charmer, a shrewd businessman, a compulsive gambler and a pathological liar, Sobhraj is believed to have killed for a 
variety of reasons.

A narcissistic peddler of fantasies who has spent his life on the run or in prison across Southeast Asia, France and the Subcontinent survived the quake despite experiencing a mild heart attack.

A French serial killer of Indian and Vietnamese origin, Sobhraj (71) — despite a mild cardiac attack on April 25 during the calamity.

He didn’t panic “for long” and alerted the prison authority. Presently, lodged at Kathmandu Central Jail, Sobhraj is suffering from several health ailments and his “release petition” on this ground has already been turned down many times by the Nepal government.

It has been learnt that at the time of the earthquake, he was writing a memoir inside the prison and became scared as the tremors came. “He had rice and fried grams for lunch but with the earthquake coming, he lay on the floor and screamed for help. We rushed in and gave him medicines and now, he is doing well,” prison department sources confirmed.

A portion of the prison where Sobhraj is lodged has been damaged due to the quake. Considering the fact that such a high profile criminal is lodged there, the Nepal authorities have stepped up monitoring inside the jail.

On the context of whether he will be shifted to another prison citing security reasons beside his ailing health, Director General Police (Prison), Nepal, Himnath Dawadi, while speaking to Millennium Post over phone, said: “On the day of the earthquake, there was some health issue with him (Sobhraj). But now he is absolutely fine.”

“There are some minor damages in the jail but that is not a matter of concern for us. As far as Charles’ security is concerned, we are fully prepared and there is no question of shifting him now anywhere,” he added.

It has been learnt that the authorities have been asked to stay extra cautious regarding Charles’ security inside the prison with the fact that he is a master of “disguise”.
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