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Gratitude for Putin’s frank speech on terror

While speaking at the 70th Annual Session of United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin, without naming the US, blamed its arbitrary policy for the rising state of global terrorism. Also, he asked all nations to fight against major terrorist groups, including the Islamic State (IS) and expressed Russia’s willingness to form a comprehensive forum on this front. Analysing the current situation in North Africa and West Asia, President Putin accused the US policy of toppling regimes they dislike as the underlying cause of the current unrest and anarchy. As a result, violence and human rights abuses have encumbered these regions, forcing millions to take shelter in other nations. Pointing towards the US, Putin asked - do you know what you’ve done?

In an interesting reminder, Putin recalled how the erstwhile Soviet Union had spread instability and anarchy in various regions of the world through the export of revolution and ideology. On the basis of such a rationale, Putin argued that the US is also repeating the same mistake by toppling regimes in Iraq and Libya on the pretext of restoring democracy. Moreover, terrorists were nursed by Western powers, especially the US, to serve their interests, he said. Initially, the US sought to topple secular governments they disliked, but now thousands of militants are joining the Islamic State.

What President Vladimir Putin frankly said was on the lines of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent comments in the US. Addressing thousands of Indian expats at St. George, Modi clearly said that terrorism cannot be fought partially. He urged all nations and the UN to frame a single policy and sharp action on terrorism instead of separate initiatives. Targeting those who have drawn the line between the “good and bad terrorism”, he said that there were no such thing. “Terrorism is terrorism, there can be no differentiation between good and bad terror,” he said. We will never be able to combat terrorism with such a mindset, he argued. Prime Minister Modi’s aim was to put Pakistan in the dock without naming it. The entire world is serious about Modi’s demand, and President Putin acknowledged it in his speech.

Modi’s campaign against terrorism is succeeding. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that the entire world must come together to combat terrorism. He said that these governments alone can’t do this work. Altogether, the whole world will have to work for it. Terrorism today, whether in any form, under any banner, has become the biggest problem of the world. The problem of global terror must be addressed through a combined global effort.  Addressing another summit, Modi also said that the violent terrorist groups are dangerous for international safety and security. It’s dangerous not only to a particular nation but for the entire world. We appreciate Russian President Putin’s frank speech, which had exposed the root of terrorism.

(Anil Narendra is Chief Editor of Daily Veer Arjun & Daily Pratap. The views expressed are personal)
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