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Govt to provide financial assist for cremation of the poor

The State government will provide a financial assistance for cremation of a deceased from poorest of the poor background.

This is the first time when such a venture has been taken by a State government in the country. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that there were many poor families who failed to collect money to cremate their near and dear ones and they have to go from pillar to post to gather money. “It looks bad as instead of shedding tears for the departed soul they have to go around collecting money for cremation,” she said adding that the Maa Mati Manush government is of the poor, for the poor and by the poor and giving relief to them is the top most priority of the State government. Hence, Rs 1000 will be given to the unfortunate children or family members to conduct cremation of their dear ones. Local people’s representative will have to certify and the money will be disbursed by the civic body. She said that the project called Samabyathi Prakalpa will be started in Panchayat and Municipal areas. It may be mentioned that both in the urban and rural part of the state poor people were often found approaching various organisations or local people for financial support to carry out expensive treatment of their near and dear ones or to buy books for their children. In the past five years the State government had taken several steps so that poor people do not have to approach anyone neither for better treatment of their close ones or to buy books for their children. In both education and health sectors Banerjee had introduced several projects for the benefit of the poor.  At the same time 8 crore people of the state are now getting rice and wheat at Rs 2 per kg. Considering the problem of the poor, now the State government has introduced the Samabyathi Prakalpa so that they do not have to ask for money for cremation of their near and dear ones.

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