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Govt to offer freelancing opportunities under ‘Digital India’

The government will soon launch Digital India Platform (DIP) that will provide freelancing opportunities to computer literates in the country.

Under the scheme, all government documents will be digitised with the help of people who can type on computer or mobile devices. “We are almost ready with DIP and testing its beta version. Under this programme we will scan government documents and split line by line or row by row depending on the case. It will be then given to people registered with DIP to type and submit it. Government will pay on per character basis,” IT Secretary RS Sharma said. 

The official added that any person having knowledge of computer typing and having an Aadhaar number can visit DIP website and register. “We are cautious about confidentiality of government documents. This is the reason that we have decided to break documents lines so that people are unable to decipher content of the document,” Sharma said.

He said that government will invite tender for digitising documents as it is done at present to fix the price to be paid to each individual. 

“We will give one line to two individuals. If the typed content of both the individuals match, system will accept it. This means that if two people have typed same thing then it is correct. The payment fixed for each character will be divided by two and paid to each individual,” Sharma said. 
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