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Govt to construct 26,000 storage facilities

Grain Gola, constructed in convergence  with the Mahatma Gandhi national Rural Employment Guarantee Act  (MGNREGA) by the panchayat and Rural Development department   has changed lives of the farmers.

26,000 country storage structures will be constructed across the state and another 15,000 improved storage structures will be set up. 700 onion storage structures will be constructed.

Storage has become a major problem in the rural areas.  When there  is over production of potatoes, the farmers fail to get proper price because of lack of storage facility. The potatoes are  thrown on the street and the wastage amounts to crores.  Unable to repay the debts, potato growers commit suicide. Similarly, flowers  worth crores are wasted  because of lack of storage facility.  The erstwhile Left Front government had proposed to set up multi storage facility but  the project never saw the light of the day.

With the storage structures being constructed, the farmers will be able to store their produce. Also, in case of abundant production it will be possible to keep the additional produce.

In addition to this for total economic regeneration of rural populace, 15500 goat shelters  will be built for 62200 goats.  There will be 50000  poultry sheds for 22.50 lakh chickens.

It may be recalled that after coming to power in 2011, Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjee had told the departments to take initiatives to  develop rural Bengal. 

Though Left Front government had claimed that their work have improved the condition of the rural areas but the reality is not the same.  It  may be mentioned that  the panchayat and Rural Development department have taken up comprehensive schemes to  improve connectivity by setting up new roads. 
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