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Govt installs buoy in Digha for weather forecast

 MPost |  2016-01-24 21:42:32.0  |  Kolkata

A state-of-the-art buoy has been installed in deep sea which will give weather alert in Digha and its neighbourhood.

Funded by the Centre and Digha-Shankarpur Development Authority, the buoy worth over Rs 1 crore was imported from Netherlands.

The buoy is fitted with an antenna and will be connected with the satellites that will provide weather update. The information collected will go to the State Ocean Forecast Centre in Hyderabad. It will then come to the assistance Centre in Digha.  

Weather experts said the fishermen, who go deep into the sea to catch fish, would be immensely benefited. Due to lack of information, fishermen often lose track and enter others states. 
Now, fishermen will be informed in advance. 

Also, the tourists who visit the sea resort will be altered in case there is any high tide or rough weather. 

The installation of buoy will also provide weather alert in Visakhapattanam and Paradeep.



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