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Govt facility to clean malwares from mobiles, PCs

<g data-gr-id="78">Government</g> is setting up a centre that will detect malicious programmes like ‘botnets’ and help device owners remove such harmful <g data-gr-id="51">softwares</g> for free. “We are setting up ‘botnet’ cleaning and malware analysis centre within three months. It will automatically detect botnets that trigger various cyber crimes and suggest the device owner to remove it from their device with <g data-gr-id="68">help</g> of our facility,” IT Secretary R S Sharma said. The project is a part of Digital India programme and aims to create safe and secure <g data-gr-id="52">cyber space</g>, Sharma said. The centre is being set up with an outlay of about Rs 100 crore and national cyber security watchdog Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (<g data-gr-id="53">ICERT</g>) has selected <g data-gr-id="67">vendor</g> for the same. <g data-gr-id="146">Botnet</g> is a network of malicious <g data-gr-id="54">softwares</g> that can steal information, take control of device function and carry out cyber attacks like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) that prevent access of websites. Explaining operational details of the centre, <g data-gr-id="49">ICERT</g> Director General B J Srinath said, “We will take help of internet service providers (ISP) to execute it. The owner of <g data-gr-id="157">infected</g> device will get <g data-gr-id="60">message</g> from ISP about the infection. 
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