Govt announces special food packages for all during Ramzan

The state government has announced food packages for people from all communities during Ramzan.
Jyotipriyo Mullick, the state Food and Supplies minister, on Thursday said after a meeting with the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, that everyone will be given four ingredients – flour, sugar, kacchi ghani mustard oil and gram – through ration shops to people from all communities during the one month of Ramzan.

All the four items will be distributed twice in the period of 30 days from June 6 to July 5. A card holder or a family will be getting 1 kg flour, 500 grams sugar, 1 litre mustard oil and 500 gram of grams.

Distribution of the ingredients will take place once in the first 15 days of the month, sometime in between June 9 and 12 and people will be getting all four ingredients of the same quantity once again in between June 27 to 30.

The common people will be getting the ingredients at a much cheaper price. “Each of the ingredients will be distributed at least at Rs 10 less than the market price,” said Mullick.

Earlier similar type of package was given during Ramzan. But it was not in such a huge scale. “This is the first time when the initiative has been taken to distribute such a huge quantity of flour, sugar, mustard oil and gram,” he said.

The state Food and Supplies minister held repeated meeting with the top brass of his department to ensure that people in each and every part of the state do not get deprived of the benefit. Steps have also been taken so that the ingredients as per the requirement reach to distributors without any delay.

People from all walks of life were happy with the state government’s decision of announcing such a package during Ramzan. 

It may be mentioned that the state government had been distributing rice at Rs 2 per kg to more than 9 crore people. The step to provide rice at Rs 2 per kg had been of great help to the people and it had come up as one of the many success of the Trinamool Congress government in its first term.

In a bid to clarify an official of the state food and supplies department said that it would be wrong if anyone thinks that they will not get rice at Rs 2 per kg when the special package during Ramzan will be given. The people will continue getting the rice as usual along with the special package from June 6 to July 5.



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