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Govindpuri grapples with increasing crime rate

The increasing rate of crimes in Govindpuri  has become a cause of great concern for Delhi police. Millennium Post recently caught up with officials of Govindpuri police station to review the the overall crime-graph in the area. Though the officials claimed to have adopted various measures to curb the growth of criminal activities in the area, residents point at police laxity, which they claim, have helped the rise in the number of cirminal cases in the area.

The area of Govindpuri connects to Badarpur, Surajkund, Gurgaon, and Haryana borders. The major concern for Delhi police is the growing rate of auto thefts in these areas. ‘The roads here are so congested that cars and other vehicles are parked indiscriminately on the roads. As a result it often becomes easy for the auto-lifters to steal them. Most auto-lifters are juveniles who indulge in such crimes for the thrill and after driving away with the vehicle dump it at some far away spot,’ said a senior police official.

Incidences of rape and molestations are also on the rise here. In July, sixteen rape cases have been registered till date. ‘Around 20 per cent of such cases are false, which amount to misuse of the recent Verma committee report. We have been able to solve 80-90 per cent of the rape cases. Investigations have revealed that most of the kidnapping cases are in reality elopement’s, said another official.

The officials of Govindpuri claim to have taken every measure and precaution to check crimes. 'We have allotted beats to officials. We try to monitor on-goings here and if we have any tip-off, avert crimes before they are committed,’ said the official. However, Snigdha Verma, a tenant staying in Govindpuri said, 'I have never seen any police near my locality.’
Police claim they also conduct stringent tenant verifications, but some residents claim incidences of robbery are also on the rise.

An official said, ‘Everyday we receive on an average nine FIRs, excluding complain letters and phone calls. With just 139 staff members, it is impossible to register every complaint.’
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