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Government is the biggest litigant in country: SC Judge

Justice TS Thakur, the senior most judge of the Supreme Court today crticised the government for being the “biggest litigant” saying that large number of cases against it “cannot be a good sign of good governance”.

“Large number of cases coming to court is a good sign in the sense that people still have faith in judiciary and its efficacy to settle the matters but large number of cases coming against the government cannot be a good sign of good governance,” Justice Thakur said.

Asking the government to be responsive to prevent cases coming to the courts, the judge, delivering his key note address on the inauguration of three days Asia Pacific International Mediation Summit, said that large number of cases in the court shows that no mechanism exists to scrutinize the cases “which need to be contested and which not to be contested”.

“Why should the government system not be responsive so as to prevent litigations where it can rationally and logically be prevented,” Justice Thakur said adding that the “Govenment is the biggest litigant in the country. For past several years we are grappling with the problem of extensive litigation in which the government is involved.”  He said that every case filed irrespective of merits is burdening the judiciary, costing the exchequer and increasing the pendency of case.

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