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GOT finale: Indian fans more shocked than surprised

 The final episode of the fifth season of the hugely popular international medieval fantasy TV show Game of Thrones left several Indian fans shocked after Jon Snow, one of the main characters essayed by British actor Kit Harington, was killed.

The final scene of the episode titled Mother's Mercy saw Snow's young protege, Olly, deliver the final blow using a dagger, with a lifeless Lord Commander left lying in the snow. Variety described it as "one of the most shocking TV moments of the year", and Indian fans can totally relate to the sentiment.

"Is Jon Snow really dead," asked 24-year-old Sarika Mathur.

Also, the number of deaths in the episode left fans in a state of shock.“Jon Snow's death put shivers down my spine,” Rahul Chauhan, another ardent fan of the fantasy drama, told IANS.

“This episode was something else entirely. It left me in a state of utter shock. There are too many unfinished stories and too many deaths. I thought the episode would be full of surprises rather than shocks, especially the death of Jon Snow,” said Kiran Randhawa, a fan who bunked office, to watch the finale, which aired in the US on Sunday. In India, the show is broadcast exclusively on HBO Defined.

"The finale makes it evident that Benioff and Weiss are <g data-gr-id="25">chatting</g> their own course at scintillating and breakneck speeds," said <g data-gr-id="24">Lavneesh</g> Chauhan, a law student.

 However shocked the fans may be after the season's finale, they're now awaiting season six of “Game of Thrones” with bated breath. 

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