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Good samaritans in Sin City

Humanity is alive in the crime capital, after all, as was proved by these three good samaritans last Sunday. They were identified as Raj Kumar alias Raju, Jeet and Surender. They helped  the para-medic degree holder gangrape victim on Sunday night.

While talking to Millennium Post, Jeet, who works with an agency that provides road services on the highway, narrated the whole dark incident.

‘I was passing through Mahipalpur flyover around 10 pm on my motorcycle when I heard a scream. I immediately took a U-Turn and reached the isolated spot where the duo was dumped,’ Jeet said.

He added, ‘I was shocked to see them as they had no clothes on. The girl was lying in a pool of blood and was unconscious. She had been badly hurt. The boy was conscious.’

Jeet further added, ‘The boy told me that they were travelling in a bus, in which they were assaulted and beaten up. I then made a call to our patrolling control room and asked them to inform the police and send a PCR van soon. Meanwhile, two of my colleagues,  who were also on their motorcycle, came. It was really cold and I covered the girl with  my jacket, but she still kept shivering.’

‘Then Surender and Raju also took their jackets and sweaters and covered them both. Surender also arranged a bedsheet from a nearby hotel, and covered the girl . The sheet soon turned red with her blood,’ he said.

‘At 10.20 pm, the PCR van reached the place and immediately took them in their van. Although the boy was conscious, he was unable to walk on his own. Me and Raju managed to carry him to the PCR van,’ Surender said.

Raju, in a choked voice, said, ‘On Monday morning, when I turned on the news, I was shocked to hear what all the two victims went through, epecially the girl who is now battling for her life. My whole family is praying for her.’

The trio refused to be rewarded for taking an initiative to help the victims, and probably saving the girl’s life.
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