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Going the Indian Ocean way

Going the Indian Ocean way
The contemporary fusion music band members, known to drive fans into frenzy, were also present at the event to mesmerize the audience. The author and the band members together revealed the band’s behind the scene story.

Formed in the early 90's Indian Ocean has been one of the spearheads of the Indian Rock Scene. Their unique sound of Contemporary Rock mixed with classical, jazz and fusion have earned them a cult following.

Their band has managed to maintain this inimitable sound in all their albums and have attained some rave reviews from the critics. Some of the themes of their songs are Sufism, environmentalism and mythology. Definitely exclusive in what they do, Indian Ocean have toured all over India and played all across the globe.

Parragon Publishing, which is the largest illustrated non-fiction publisher in the world, will be coming out with a book on the band soon, which is a first of its kind for a music band in India. It is a significant accomplishment for the band, as the publishing house in the past has done such books on iconic musicians like Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and John Lennon among others.
The core thought behind the book is the fact that Indian Ocean has a huge, ardent fan following - who would love to know and see parts of the journey of the band, which is more than two decades and still going strong.

The band has had staggering achievements over the years and the book unfolds the unique story of four untrained young musicians making a band. It has been a long, eventful career with an inventory of many firsts. Indian Ocean was the first band to release a Live album - Desert Rain continues to sell even 17 years after it was recorded almost as an afterthought! Indian Ocean is the first band to release a Live DVD.

They were the first band ever in India to have a documentary made on them. The film Leaving Home, directed by Jaideep Varma won the National award and is the first ever indigenous documentary film to have achieved a commercial release in the country. Adding to the list of firsts, is the book on them by Parragon Publishing India.
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