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Gogoi counters Modi’s comment on his age

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday countered Prime Minister’s comment on his advancing age, saying he was as enthusiastic as a youth.

“I may be old, but my enthusiasm is not less than any young person. I need the blessings of the people. The more blessings we get, the more energy we will receive to continue working for people,” Gogoi told a poll rally at his constituency Titabor.

He was responding to Modi, who, in response to Gogoi’s call for a direct fight, had brought up the issue of his age yesterday, saying, “Gogoiji, in a few years you will be 90 years. You are my elder. I come to Assam to pranam (respect) you and not fight with you.” 

In his tirade against BJP, Gogoi said it claimed to be for the poor but was still to implement the National Food Security Act. Prices of essential commodities are rising during its rule at the Centre.

He accused BJP of betraying six tribes of Assam, saying BJP got votes during the last general election by promising ST status to the tribes but did not give it. “Now it has made a U-turn saying it will look into it,” he said. “We will show that you (BJP) cannot discriminate against Assam and do injustice... BJP is sweet in talk but bitter in work as it has discriminated Assam in the last two years,” he said.

Continuing his attack, Gogoi said “They (BJP) also say that I am corrupt. Then what is Himanta? His name is entangled in so many corruption charges. Why is he with you now?” 
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