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Go go-yeah!

The waiters take forever to take your order, they forget your sauces, they let you take your own sweet time to finish the last of the crispy fried squid. Blame Mary Jane or blame the place. 

And that is Homi Adajania’s Pocolim for you. A sleepy lazy town in the middle of nowhere in Goa. Angelina (Deepika Padukone), Angie for short, tells you not to bother looking for Pocolim on the map. Adajania tells you that if any of his characters have any similarity with people in real life they are probably stranger than others. So do you get where Finding Fanny is going?

This movie is a bridge between the deliciously dark Being Cyrus and the let’s-obviously-go-for-the-good-Indian-girl Cocktail. Frankly, I prefer Adajania’s morbidity over the ‘Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan’ inanity. Dimple meets Deepika in this in a good way. And of course Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor for good measure, and just to be greedy – Arjun Kapoor.

It all starts with a billet doux (love letter you plebians!) that returns undelivered to Freddie (Shah) after 46 years. Stefanie Fernandes never got to know Freddie loved her! So the oldest choir boy in Pocolim along with Angie, Savio (Arjun Kapoor), Rosie (Kapadia) and Don Pedro (Pankaj Kapoor) - the motley crew gets on board the crumbling vintage to find Fanny.

The lusty Pedro with his obsession for big derrières owns the car but doesn’t know how to drive it, so that’s where Savio comes in - but let’s not bother about details now? No one in Goa cares about details! And yes, the cat Nareus. Who pretty much get’s man-handled throughout the film. Am almost convinced Adajania hates cats.

Finding Fanny, simply, is about finding love. In all its irony and morbidity. Taking a little step towards the metaphorical sunlight from Being Cyrus, Adajania juggles tongue-in-cheek moments and lazy acceptance deftly.

It is a rarity in Bollywood and that is precisely why this movie is a must watch. But I sincerely wish he had played it a tad darker, I would have happily doled out that last star. The actors are easy, natural and settle in around you with their oddities and frankly you would not change a thing.

There are some incredible scenes – a little boy flipping his middle finger at Savio, Angie cutting a chicken, Freddie on his cycle, Pedro and the biscuits and Rosie’s splitting skirt seam. Find some more for yourself while you are at it. I love this side of Bollywood!

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